Speakers: Red Hat Virtual Experience
With a specialism in performance optimization, Steve has over 15 years of .... and a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross.
Linux Today - Richard Stallman falls ill at conference
10 May 2012 Maybe he needs to rethink his comments about Steve Jobs. Now, now, salparadise, don't you know that it was The Holy Jobsian One who 
Linux Today - 'Last Call' Draft of GPLv3
2 Jun 2007 By Steve Stites Jun 02, 2007, 17:57 done a few things for FOSS), this means that they don't look at GPLv3 like a vampire looks at holy water.
Linux Today - Early Reaction to Microsoft's Openness Pledge
21 Feb 2008 By Steve Stites Feb 21, 2008, 21:40. Matt Asay said: Gee they are going to really tell us about their Holy IP Patents?!? How nice of them.
Linux Today - Hi BIOS! My Name Is "Linux", Or Is It?
24 Oct 2008 By Steve Stites Oct 24, 2008, 17:19 So DRM's quest for the Holy Grail of unbreakable encryption is not going to be satisfied in the BIOS.
Linux Today - Giving Microsoft a Voice... And You
11 Oct 2007 Steve and Bill G have said so on numerous occasions. Holy flaming road apples, inviting a Microsoft toady to keynote an Open Source 
Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Gentoo Handbook
17 Dec 2013 Note: The table below gives a high-level overview of the supported architectures. The example set of CPUs or systems is nothing more than an 
Linux Today - Dump Internet Explorer Now
18 Jan 2010 One poster exclaims that Steve has no idea how corporate IT works. related to computers as holy wizardry that must not be challenged.
Sprecher: Red Hat Virtual Experience
Steve Hardy ist Gründer und CTO des Groupware-Unternehmens Zarafa und ist .... Institute und seinen Bachelor in Mathematik am College of the Holy Cross.
DesktopLinux: Novell Previews New SUSE Linux Enterprise Distros
28 Jun 2006 Reply to this comment. By Steve Stites Jun 28, 2006, 15:59 Steve Stites. Reply to this comment Holy Microsoft, Batman! It'll be in the next 
Microsoft Starts a "Get the Facts" Campaign... Against Itself
7 Sep 2007 Almost feel sorry for Steve. Waking up at night.. All these open source anti american commies hurting his sacred and holy bottom line, yeek, 
Linux Today - The "Just Works" Crowd
16 Jan 2009 (Other stories by Steve Lake). Tweet .... Just works should be the holy grail of software, just as it is for 747's, and car breakes. This is one reason 
Linux Today - LinuxWorld Australia: Payback Time for Novell
14 Dec 2006 character in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels taking in the clueless Steve Martin character to keep him from getting in the way. Holy bat spit rat man!
Linux Today - Novell.com: Open Letter to the Community from Novell
21 Nov 2006 Holy Santa Cruz Operation, Batman! And when was the LAST time we heard talk .... Careful Steve, it might just backfire ... Reply to this comment.
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11 Nov 2013 But holy crap, a respin with a new desktop background doesn't ..... Windows/ Apple don't give you any choices "Steve Jobs said you will like 
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17 Mar 2008 Steve Langasek: "We are now one week from the beta release of 8.04 ...... And I wonder what the price of such Holy Hardware will be in two 
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20 Aug 2012 to ideas and sharing his thoughts..it is like being in Steve Jobs garage ..... Lennart Poettering is the same guy that brought us the holy mess of 
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26 Oct 2009 19 • RE:11 (by Steve on 2009-10-26 11:12:33 GMT from United States) ..... I can clearly picture "St. IGNUcius" publicly invoking a "holy crusade" 
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30 Aug 2010 5.1 (by Steve Lange on 2010-08-30 12:54:03 GMT from United States) ..... flagrant disregard of all that is holy within the linux world - security!
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10 Dec 2007 20 • EEEPC (by Steve on 2007-12-10 13:10:47 GMT from United .... Holy cow, something the size of my old Sinclair ZX-81 and it doesn't need a