RE: Ximian Red Carpet Catches? Gotchas?
Apr 11, 2003 From: "Rigler, Steve" <SRigler MarathonOil com>; To: <redhat-list redhat com>; Subject: RE: ... It's the closest to the holy grail that I've seen.
Speakers: Red Hat Summit
Stephen Braswell—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ...... Dan has a BA in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross and a MS in Computer ...
Speakers: Red Hat Summit 2010 - JBossWorld 2010
Steve Dickson - Consulting Software Engineer, Red Hat ...... Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross.
RE: Bash Gurus
Jan 3, 2003 ... Subject: Re: Bash Gurus I disagree (not to get into a holy war about it). ... Steve On Thu, 2 Jan 2003 14:04:00 -0500 Bill Gradwohl <bill ycc ...
Speakers: Red Hat Summit
Steve Dickson works as a consulting software engineer at Red Hat. ...... Dan has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross and a ...
k12osn 2003-June Archive by Date
Jun 1, 2003 Steve Wright; Re: [K12OSN] Re: newsgroup (was K12OSN list link Steve Wright; Re: [K12OSN] ..... Matthew McCarty; [K12OSN] Holy Crap!
Re: F11: Hibernate OK, resume - not so much
Jun 12, 2009 ... of the Daily Mail > It is the Holy Grail > And then the BBC > Your life would be complete > > -Manic Street Preachers, "Royal Correspondent" ...
k12osn 2003-June Archive by Thread
Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 3.1.1pre2 and successors, Steve Wright .... [K12OSN] Holy Crap!, Brian Fahrlander; [K12OSN] Please take this fast survey about open ...
Linux Today - Richard Stallman falls ill at conference
May 10, 2012 Or that God regards Steve Jobs so highly that he is cursing RMS's health ... Now, now, salparadise, don't you know that it was The Holy Jobsian ...
fedora-list 2004-June Archive by Date
Jun 1, 2004 Steve Snyder; Re: ATI Driver for FC2 Timothy Murphy; Re: Mandrake ... Steve Searle; Re[4]: mod_rewrite in fedora's httpd Richard Kurth ...... The Holy Grail to SWsuspend on FC2 Ow Mun Heng; Re: [FC2] How do I suspend?
Apple shows continued interest in an ad-supported operating system
Jul 22, 2010 The invention is credited to Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, as well as ... Those worshiping at the exalted feet of the all Holy Jobs will see ...
Library Haves
Holy Bible (New King James/Gideon); The Book of Mormon. Goodwin, Peter. Nuclear War - The Facts On ... Roberts, Steve. Max Headroom:20 Minutes Into The ...
Linux Today - Dump Internet Explorer Now
Jan 18, 2010 One poster exclaims that Steve has no idea how corporate IT works. ... related to computers as holy wizardry that must not be challenged.
Canada Computes: XChat: Full-Featured IRC Client for X
Sep 24, 2000, 13:09 (1 Talkback[s]) (Other stories by Steve Coe) ... By Kent Nguyen Sep 24, 2000, 16:27. echo "holy war" > /dev/null. Reply to this comment.
Linux Today - Articles by Charles Cooper
If You're Steve Ballmer, Don't Read This (Jul 06, 2007). CNET News: Meet the Tech ... nightmare (May 31, 2000). ZDNet: OS holy wars redux (May 04, 2000).
Re: redhat-digest Digest V99 #1212
May 27, 1999 Steve Coile R e d H a t Systems Administration > scoile redhat com S .... Can you say "holy geometric progression, > Bat Man"!
Linux Today - Mike Cornall: There is Nothing Wrong With Mozilla
Jul 25, 2000 Steve. Reply to this comment. By Anonymous Coward Jul 25, 2000, 03:43 ... broken under linux despite their so called closs platform holy grail.
Linux Today - Open Letter to the Community from Novell
Nov 21, 2006 Holy Santa Cruz Operation, Batman! And when was the LAST time we heard talk .... Careful Steve, it might just backfire ... Reply to this comment.
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Nov 24, 2014 And like #32 steve said, PCLinuxOS does not use systemd either and it's also ...... And all this "systemd vs other init" is smelling like an holy war, ...
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Apr 14, 2008 Finally, I would like to congratulate Steve McIntyre, the Project ...... XXXes : tedius (though with the Holy Mouse) interaction times are very long.